Monday, November 30, 2015


Lava Blueprint

This lava blueprint is the important part for the first level in our survival game. Following this blueprint, that will make character explode and makes character jump as well.Also this is the completely blueprint with voice, and character will respawn when their health bar is empty. Some blueprint in this is made by my teammates like voice, I only did the lava part. In the last screenshot , that will see how it works in the game. The character(I made it)jump into lava and explode, also his health decrease, but he will safe when he jump on the stone. The lava blueprint is the only blueprint I work for our game, my mainly part is on blender. I made the character, weapon, tress, topic and boss model. I'm really happy we crate our own game successful. This is a fun class! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

1)The Tetrad

The story is going to based off of Aztec history. The Aztecs are invading a small village which causes the main character to evade them by boat. In his trials to evade they wreck the boat and he alone is washed up on shore to survive. Now he must survive and climb a mountain with many obstacles to seek the answers about his past.   The technology for our game is unreal engine, blender and audacity. Unreal engine used to do the blueprint and landscape to make up the assets. Blender used to do the character model, weapon model and animation. The art for our game is mesoamerican Aztec style art.The main mechanics of the game will be a system where you can gather items and use them. There will be items placed throughout the map that will be essential to find to keep moving forward. Another important mechanic will be the health of the character because this is a survival game.

2) Balance

We want to build a well-balanced game. In our game, there are two important thing to do. First, you should gather items to make you alive. There are two energy bar to show how hungry you are, and how thirsty you are. Also we are trying to do a physical power bar, that means you will tired and only walking after you running for a long time. Second,  you need to pass 3 levels to survive from the island.  We set 3 levels in our game, beach, tree, and fire.You need beat enemies and finish some task to pass to next level.

3) Emergent properties

I think that our main emergent properties will be related to 3 energy bars system, because every decision of the player will have an impact in his energy. In the game, player will gather different weapons to deal with different enemies. 

4) Interest curves

At the beginning of the game, the player will find he is alone on the beach of an island. And the system will give him information what the player should do in the game. As the story goes and the player advance to passes the 3 levels and survive from the island. In the 3 levels, there are different environment and different enemies, also player will gather different weapons. That will make player keep playing the game till the end. 

5) Like and dislike

I like our game because I never take part into creating a game. That makes me so exciting. Everything in this game is from our ideas, and we build it by ourselves, I cant believe I can create a game. I'm expecting to play our game.

For next week,  I will finish the weapon model, and I will try to do different character models with different weapons.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Homewrok 7: Game Repository

This is the link:

I have finished the person mode of our game. And I'm working on the weapon model and stuff for our game, and I will finished it in next week.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Homework 6: Analyze two games

First, I want to analyze my loving game, Counter_strike: Global Offensive(csgo).
1: The Tetrad: 

which comprises of Aesthetics, Technology, Mechanics and Story. The Aesthetics of the game has definitely improved leaps and bounds since the last one, and it definitely looks, sounds and feels more immersive, especially with much more attention paid to details. An example would be like the inclusion of a helicopter for the Counter-Terrorist team’s insertion into the mission location, which previous would just spawn the players at a location. These tiny additions make the game feel much fuller. Technology would be quite straightforward, because the basic keyboard and mouse can be used, with even the possibility of playing with a game controller. As for Mechanics, it follows basic FPS conventions, and yet it has the “buying” component that opens that dimension of strategizing how to work in a team to spend money most optimally to ensure a win. As for Story, there is no overarching story, but rather each match is a small narrative of a battle between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. It would have been more interesting if there was an embedded storyline, somewhat like a previous installation Condition Zero. Looking at CS:GO in an overview, we can see that it has all elements in it, and these elements work together to build and reinforce the game’s theme. The story is better brought out thanks to the improved aesthetics, and these makes the game more immersive into the mechanics put in place for players.

2. Balance:  

Well Balanced. Csgo is an FPS game. It's an official competitive game in the world. There are so many higher prize matches for the game, so it is well balanced game.

3:Emergent properties: 

The emergent properties for csgo is competitive nature.For this there is the ranking system, which ranks players according to their game stats, promoting or demoting them accordingly. This ranking system spurs players to want to win and climb up the ranks. And these ranks are also used to match-make players of similar ranks to play against one another, so as to provide an environment of fair competition where players of different skill levels can compete. This is a robust system as it also does not give new players any advantage over more expert players, rather it just puts all the new players into the same game, instead of making it harder for expert players to kill new players. However, accurate as it may be, latency, hardware differences and hacking can still cause “unfair” measurements of player skill, damaging the game’s mechanics to create fair competition.

4: Interest Curves:

When using an interest curve, you can ensure that your game interests the player from start to finish. I think that this goes back to pacing, balance, and story. Which this game excels.I am interesting in this game too much!

5.Reason I like and dislike:
 I like this game because this game has many verbs actions I can use, and also I can use different weapons to enjoy the different feeling. The only point I dislike this game is map hacking. that destroy the game balance very much.

Second Game I want to analyze: The Settlers III

1: Tetard: From the tetrad, the elements that are the most important for The Settlers III are aesthetics and mechanics. The story is almost inexistent – in the campaigns there is some backstory, involving competition between ancient gods and the diaries of the nations’ leaders, but it appears only between the missions and not within the game itself. Regarding technology, the game is a classic 2D isometric view strategy game, only the elements of the world have been originally modelled in 3D and then converted to 2D images, which gives them a distinct look. The aesthetic contributes greatly to the experience of the game – the visual style is very idyllic, with bright colors and good animations. The sound design is very important, with a lot of ambient sounds of the settlement and all the performed jobs, adding to the feel of the settlement as a living organism.The mechanics are the most important element, as the character of the game lies in the focus on managing the production and trasportation of resources – thus making the game different from most titles.
2.Balance: Well Balanced.
3, Emergent Properties. The settlers III is a strategy game, the third installment in the famous settlers series. This game has an easy control setting and design very well overall. 
4.Interest Curves: The settlers is lackof surprise,the differences between the maps don’t introduce enough variety and the gameplay eventually boils down to the same process in every mission. and I was bored to do the same process in every mission.
5.The reason I dislike: The lack of story and lack of surprise make me bored to play this game in a long time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Team Video 1

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Monday, August 31, 2015

My first video with my cat, MoChi

This is the link:

This video is about I'm playing with MoChi. I'm using a cat teaser.  He is really interesting in it. And want to get it and bite it. He cannot stop it until I hide it. He is full of energy!

Picture of My Cat

This is my Ragdoll, his name is MoChi. He came to my life in October 2013. Everyone think he is a girl when they first time meet him. He is just a 'beautiful' boy! Do u think so?